What sort of breakfast person are you?

(a) Simple Carbs – Something grabbed on the run, something that gives you a morning energy boost but leaves you feeling tired and drained by mid-morning (and reaching for tea and biscuits?).

(b) No breakfast – too busy, don’t like eating in the morning, think that skipping a meal is a great weight loss tool? Wrong. Getting your metabolism kick-started in the morning is vital, and skipping breakfast will leave you feeling tired, irritable and reaching for snacks all morning.

(c) Healthy Breakfast – a breakfast with the right mix of nutrients will give you sustained energy throughout the day and jump start your metabolism. But maybe you don’t have the time to create a nutritionally complete masterpiece – this is where the Herbalife Healthy Shakes are a lifesaver. Quick, easy to prepare, totally delicious and healthy.

Start your day the right way with Herbalife Healthy Breakfasts – check out some inspiring shake recipes 

Source: Herbalife South Africa