Our Story: David & Monica Pickering

During 1993, after feeling great and losing weight on Herbalife products; Monica and I joined Herbalife for the business opportunity.

Taking Herbalife’s advice to keep the business simple, magical and fun, within a few months we had an excellent business running and enjoyed our new found ability to help others control their weight, improve their health, and often their financial circumstances.

In return, Herbalife did the same for us.

Part of the earliest training we ever received at Herbalife meetings, was


Never stop using the products; never lose your position in the Herbalife hierarchy. Fortunately we took this advice to heart.

To stay healthy and in control of our weight, we have for the past 23 years, never stopped eating, almost daily, these amazing products which we love and which have indeed kept us healthy.

But as other forms of income became available to us, we almost completely ignored our Herbalife business for some 13 years; from 1999 to 2012.

In 2008 the world financial collapse took a large toll on our finances, triggering our retiring to Plett. I took a job in commerce to help ends meet. Then in 2014 we restarted our Herbalife business, exactly where we had left off in the hierarchy 13 years previously, and guess what…

During our absence, the team beneath us had grown substantially, with each member in turn building their own teams and all of them contributing to our financial circumstances. I was able to quit my job and go back to doing something I love and believe in.

So the best advice, guys, is: whatever you do in Herbalife – love the products, and that is so easy… and …

“Never     give     up!”


Like us – it could become your welcome and unexpected pension scheme.

David & Monica Pickering

Herbalife Independent Distributors 

Plettenberg Bay