We’re upping the stakes on our 2016 New Year’s competition – you could really win big!

Anyone and everyone, old friends or new friends and even those we do not yet know, may join in; their first weigh in, in 2016, will be their starting point.

Remember; the first contestant to exceed both a 10% decrease in body fat %, and a 10% increase in body muscle %, will be the winner. 

The prize was to be R1000; but now to make this really fun the amount will be increased by R500 each month in which it is not won. So a prize of R5000, R7000 or even more, is not impossible; we are in February 2016, so already the prize stands at R1500. So all depends on how long it takes one of you to meet the winning criteria. Just imagine what fun it will become as you each get nearer the goal. Will you be the most focused?    The objective is that each of us, during the competition will get nearer to reaching our personal weight goals, benefit from the good health Herbalife can bring, and get closer to becoming – the best that we can be!  The results as measured on my Tanita scale and circulated by myself will be final and binding on us all.


Happy New year to each and all of you and thank you for your support over 2015 and before.  I’m sure we have all made New Year’s Resolutions; so to encourage you to start out on the right foot here is a challenge:

The first person to lose 10% Body Fat and Gain 10% of Muscle Mass will win  R1000.00 

The first recorded weigh in 2016, on my Tanita Scale, will be the starting data for each of you, so the quicker you weigh in, the better the chances of a win.

With the introduction of CR7 Drive to the H24 Series, you could enjoy seriously more energy with which to workout, Crossfit, cycle, run, play your favourite sport.

I will try to email results weekly so it should be fun tracking our (yep, I’ll be in this too!) progress against one another.

Be the BEST you can be in 2016.


Really hope to see you all again soon

Best wishes