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Products range from weight loss accessories, energy, and fitness range and a delightful personal care range. Herbalife products are sold in over 85 countries and always direct from knowledgeable distributors for the best advice and personal attention. Read more about Herbalife, the Company.

Herbalife – The Logic

We are an overfed and undernourished population. Reports indicate up to 70% of visits to doctors are a result of lack of nutrition.  Supplement your diet, improve your health, save on medical bills and simultaneously lose or gain weight, should you so wish.

It should be understood at the outset, that Herbalife is a food, not a medicine and therefore makes no medical claims. Herbalife is a high protein, low-calorie food, created by a team of renowned medical and nutritional professionals, working full-time, over the past 35 plus years. They continue to create the perfect fast food capable of supplying the body daily, with every nutrient it requires, to be perfectly nourished, on a sustained basis; while simultaneously minimizing the calorific intake; thus, (instead of calories) you burn off you’re your own body fat through the conversion of that body fat into the energy you expend on a daily basis. Because the body is fed everything it needs, every day, at a cellular level, it performs its own miracles.

The Logic of “Cellular Nutrition”

Our bodies comprise many millions of cells of which many die and are replaced daily. Each cell performs four basic activities:

Eating, it requires to be fed; Metabolising this food into energy; while Performing its individual functions and excreting waste/toxins, and finally Reproducing replacement cells of its own kind.

Clearly, just like ourselves, these cells perform best at all these activities when they are well-nourished and healthy. Herbalife Cellular Nutrition assists such optimum nutrition through a broad spectrum of; inter alia, Fibres, Vitamins, Amino acids, Minerals, Proteins, Hydrocarbons, Herbs, Antioxidants and more. Thus each cell is fed, daily, everything it needs; this results in improved performance; thus you experience greater energy; the cells excrete more efficiently, thus you must drink daily, eight glasses of water to assist this process; Almost more importantly underperforming cells (now better fed) might reproduce improved replacements of themselves thus enhancing your feeling of well-being.

so……..who can benefit from eating Herbalife?  Everybody for complete daily nutrition in perfect balance!


An accepted fact, worldwide, is that the food we eat today is not as nutritious as it was in years gone by. Today almost everything has been, inter alia, grown in chemically fertilized ground, picked early, stored, refrigerated, added to, subtracted from, transported enormous distances, to name a few; thus quite often it does not contain the substances with which it is associated. Thus “eating organic, and only fresh foods”, can still result in nutritional shortcomings. So be sure – supplement.

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