Your amazing body

Sometimes you may feel like your body is beginning to creak and fail you on the outside, but do you ever stop to consider the incredible work that is taking place inside of it? There is so much going on and everything fits together so well, that it’s almost impossible to comprehend it. This presentation will remind you that there are miracles going on inside your body every single day.

H24 – nutrition for the 24 hour athelete

“You are a 24 hour athlete. More than a weekend warrior, you are committed to a lifestyle, value the competitive spirit; you have the confidence to win. You strive for perfection, refine your nutrition, target your training and visualise victory. Every hour, every day because your defining moments take more than just sweat. Herbalife 24. […]


Adequate hydration is essential to your well-being. Try to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water daily. This is of particular importance when on any weight control regimen as toxins released, need to be regularly flushed from your system. Your system will naturally flush out these toxins and will use your body’s extra water (which is […]